1. Facility Consulting Services

A building that functions efficiently and effectively is a positive environment for occupants and a hard-working asset for owners.

At FEELSECURE, facilities management covers all aspects of a building or facility’s operation and maintenance throughout its lifecycle. Our advice, technical and management support to building owners and operators is flexible and moulded to their evolving needs.

Trusted advisors

FEELSECURE’s facilities management specialists work in partnership with clients, giving independent, expert advice in response to their challenges and goals. We tailor our services for a wide range of clients as per their needs.

Many clients turn to us again and again – not only to deliver facilities but also to manage them once they are operational. FEELSECURE. That relationship has encompassed FEELSECURE’s design and project management services for plants and logistics centres in India. It has also involved extensive facilities management consulting, including contract monitoring to manage electrical and mechanical maintenance.

Fit for purpose

FEELSECURE understands how buildings are designed, and the technical and management systems they need to work well. That knowledge helps us broker better understanding between building owners, occupiers, designers and contractors, for facilities management solutions that better fulfil a building’s intended use.

To make sure that a building performs well from the outset, we provide advice during design and construction on access for maintenance, lifecycle costing and operational gaps. Our design reviews and costed proposals help ensure that buildings are easy to maintain and efficient to run.

  1. Hydrographic & Land Survey Consulting Services-

FEELSECURE providing total solution for Hydrographic and Land survey consulting. We also offer manpower outsourcing for Geophysical survey, bathymetric survey, multibeam survey, land survey, data processor, AutoCad engineer, survey engineer, geophysicist, Geotechnical Staff and many more…

Hydrographic Surveys
Why undertake hydrographic surveys?
  • Seabed bathymetry and digital terrain models (DTM) for navigation assessment
  • Support dredging operations – pre-and post-surveys and volume calculations
  • Determine sedimentation levels or thickness
  • Seabed habitat mapping
  • Geophysical survey to determine seabed sub-structure and composition
  • Seabed sampling and geotechnical analysis
What are the benefits?
  • Determine seabed form and terrain
  • Identify seabed type, features, objects, debris and object detection
  • Determination of sediment thickness
  • Shallow geophysical analysis – 0 to 10m below seabed
Where could I apply hydrographic services?
  • Dams
  • Rivers
  • Ports and Harbours
  • Mine workings & infrastructure
  • Marine environmental and benthic surveys
  • Support marine construction activities – pipelaying, beach pull landings etc
What survey systems and solutions do we provide?
  • Single beam echo sounders (SBES) – single and dual frequency
  • Multibeam echo sounders (MBES)
  • Attitude and heading reference systems (AHRS)
  • Tide gauges
  • Sound speed sensors and probes
  • Side scan sonars
  • Sub-bottom profilers
  • Real-time data acquisition systems – software and hardware
  • Laser scanners
  • Drop and piston corers
  • CPT
Land survey

Land Surveys has access to a range of hydrographic survey sensors, platforms and state of the art technology and software, enabling us to deliver a unique, tailored data solution to your specific needs. Survey systems are selected based on scope of work, water depth, operating frequency, range from shore, accuracy requirements, seabed conditions and size of vessel.

Why use Land Surveys?
A tailored solution

All hydrographic projects start with the end in mind, and we will guide you through the options for survey, mapping, GIS and visualisation deliverables, and advise on the best approach to meet your projects quality, accuracy, time and cost goals.

A complete solution

Our hydrographic surveyors are all qualified surveyors, making Land Surveys your complete solution for project planning, data acquisition, processing and reporting.

A reliable solution

Land Surveys are early adopters of the latest, proven technology, we have tried and tested work flows, allowing our surveyors to work smarter and more efficiently.